If you've seen the promo for the season finale of Law & Order: SVU, you already know that someone is going to die in the episode. But even though the packed courtroom offers up plenty of potential non-series-regular fatalities, we can promise you that one of the squad members will be injured in the crossfire.

"We call it the 'red verdict' episode," executive producer Warren Leight tells TVGuide.com, a spin on Game of Thrones' deadly Red Wedding episode.

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Because the deadly shootout takes place during the trial of Johnny D. (Charles Halford), it could also impact whether Benson (Mariska Hargitay) finally gets to adopt the sex trafficker's son, Noah. You should expect everything to be more difficult than she thought. "We're playing with the reality of how difficult it is to convict these guys," Leight says. "They so brutalize the girls they trafficked and it's very hard to speak up against guys like this in open court. If this guy gets off, what does that mean for her and Noah? If a parent comes forward who didn't [previously] know about the existence of that child, he immediately throws a wrench into the works."

Whatever happens, you should probably have the Kleenex handy. "We screened the finale here with Mariska and she cried, I'd say, four times," Leight says. "Then she said, 'OK that's the best finale we've ever done here.'"

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