Sara Ramirez by Bob D'Amico/ABC, Terry O'Quinn by Art Streiber/ABC, Robert Sean Leonard by Art Streiber/Fox Sara Ramirez by Bob D'Amico/ABC, Terry O'Quinn by Art Streiber/ABC, Robert Sean Leonard by Art Streiber/Fox

Senior editors Matt Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions - "live"-ish from the TCA press tour in Los Angeles.

The other Callica (Grey's Anatomy's Callie and Erica) fans and I are dying for some info! There's the pregnancy rumor which has been addressed quite a bit, but there must be something else! Are they officially a couple? Or is Erica too emotionally stunted? - Ally
Matt Mitovich:
Oh, the poor Callica fans and their cute little couple name. You will see that things are... awkward... between the two docs when Grey's returns. (And the pregnancy rumor, I hear from one source, is hogwash.)

Any scoop on my two favorite Lost characters, Locke and Desmond? - Kristen
Mickey O'Connor:
Well, sorta. On Tuesday I spoke to Katey Sagal, star of the new FX series Sons of Anarchy. She told me that she has become a huge fan of Lost since shooting a guest arc as Locke's coulda-been love interest, Helen. Sagal says she would love to return, and even has her own theory as to how Helen's reappearance could make sense. Alas, no call from Team Darlton just yet.

Do you have any scoop on Kyle XY or House or Smallville or Lost? - Zach
At first I scoffed at your broad-spectrum request. But then I realized you played right into my wheelhouse. Ally Sheedy will be returning to ABC Family's Kyle XY - for at least the premiere, but then maybe not again until the finale. House and Wilson's relationship will be most prickly in the aftermath of Amber's death, Hugh Laurie told me at Fox's TCA party. But the interesting part, says the Brit, will be how that fractured friendship is slowly rebuilt. ( Find the full video Q&A here.) Smallville... I offer bupkus this week. Finishing with Lost: Just because Lance Reddick has a gig on Fringe, don't assume he's gone from J.J. Abrams' other creation. J.J. told me he purposely snatched up Reddick before a truly rival show did same and thus made future appearances by Matthew Abbadon harder to negotiate. (As J.J. put it, "I know the producer" at Fringe.)

Any scoop on Criminal Minds, like who may have been injured in the season finale? - Sheela
Previously, in Mega Buzz... I shared that the owner of the SUV has been impaired by the explosion. I have since learned that the shocking incident also will have injured a second person.

Is Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin going to do anything that will continue to showcase acting magnificence? - Debbie
Last I heard from Benedict XVI, the canonization process is well under way, but until St. Alex makes his official Vatican debut, he is weighing offers, as they say. Top-secret offers. That I can't talk about yet. But I can say that my idea for AO'L's next move probably isn't going to happen.

Will October Road be coming back? - Monica
Yes! Sort of. Check out this story for the how, if not the when.

Is Las Vegas really canceled? How can NBC leave the fans with so many unanswered questions? - Barbara
Oh, Barbara. Yes, Las Vegas is really canceled. Secondly, according to my sources - my car got it straight from KITT's, er, grill? - that rumor about Danny, Delinda and their new baby making a sly cameo on Knight Rider this fall is also totally not happening. Actually, everyone I spoke to seems a bit baffled as to how the rumor got started.

If they don't show the Heroes webisodes on TV and my modem is too slow to watch them, will I be missing out on things for the new season? - Angie
Curses on your sluggish modem! (Still working the 56K?) The good news is you should fare just fine if you head into Season 3 webisode-free. That said, would appreciate it if you watch them online by any means possible.

It's been almost a year since Sci Fi announced a Farscape Web series, but there hasn't been a peep about it for months. Where is the love? - Patrice
I have a tiny peep. My Sci Fi source tells me that the webisodes are definitely still in the works. Less encouraging is the complete lack of a premiere date. But I'll keep an alien-like eye-protruding-from-forehead on it.

The promos for A&E's The Cleaner look interesting. Do you have any scoop? - Dianne
While other outlets merely mentioned that Isaiah Washington has been booked for a Cleaner visit, I actually sought out the details on his role. Read about that (and other "name" guest stars) here.

Is Big Love coming back? - Adele
After such a sensational Season 2, of course it is. Just not until "early 2009." The good news: Entourage is back Sept. 7, the same night that Alan Ball's True Blood premieres.

While it's nice to see David Krumholtz find love in real life, any actual Numbers news to share? - ChristineS
Rob Morrow deserves love, too - and perhaps to that end, Aya Sumika, aka Special Agent Liz Warner, has been promoted to series regular status this season.

I haven't heard anything about Mad Men's second season. Got any scoop? - Adam
As a matter of a fact, Adam, Matt and I just returned from visiting the Mad Men set. I can exclusively reveal two tidbits: 1) Peggy has been promoted to the copy department, and has a very interesting new (inanimate) office-mate; and 2) The stovetop and oven in the Draper kitchen totally don't match. Check it out: The oven is avocado and the burner's harvest gold. You heard it here first!

I am a big fan of The Apprentice and I want some scoop on Celebrity Apprentice 2. - Justin
Good to know I am not the only Apprentice fan left. (After all, Q&Aing the Season 1 castoffs was one of my first freelance assignments for That said, we're a ways off from the Celebrity Apprentice 2 cast reveal, but to hear Joan Rivers rasp it, she's on board.

Thank you for the TCA updates on Prison Break and the spin-off. Was there anything else you have yet to pass along? - Sonya
William Fichtner revealed to me on the red carpet that we'll be seeing Mahone's estranged wife - and soon, as in the new season's first episode. Welcome back, Callie Thorne!

Mickey's Mega Rave: I've never been a cult-TV person. I didn't watch Buffy, X-Files, Firefly or any of the Trek series. But boy genius J.J. Abrams unleashed my inner geek with Lost, and I think he might create a culty monster with his new Fox series, Fringe. I saw the (legit) pilot here at TCA, and starting with one hell of a spooky image (a commercial jet filled with nothing but dead, necrotizing bodies), an electric ensemble cast (Anna Torv, John Noble, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick and Blair Brown) and at least one Altered States-inspired, LSD-induced dream sequence, Abrams' mysterious drama makes me curious to know the answers to the many questions this innovative concept raises.

Matt's Mini Rant: TCA, the home to good TV pilots... and painfully bad press conference questions. Mickey, did I really hear that one reporter press Sarah Connor Chronicles exec producer Josh Freidman to confirm that a Skynet-ruled apocalyptic society is inevitable - in the real world?!

Reader Quote of the Week: "Perhaps Grissom will become Lady Heather's love slave and never want to leave her lair." ( RachelScribbles, suggesting how William Petersen might exit CSI )

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