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Meet the Cast of The Amazing Race Season 32

Who is going to take home the prize

Megan Vick

Traveling the world seems like a dream of the past at this point in 2020, but viewers are going to have a chance to live vicariously through the cast of The Amazing Race Season 32. The new season was filmed before the outbreak of COVID-19, the pandemic that nearly shutdown plane travel in the spring months of 2020, and will see 11 new teams bounce around the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America on their quest to win $1 million. 

TV Guide has obtained the list of teams so that Amazing Race fans can put up early bets about who they think have what it takes to make it in this grueling competition. There's pro athletes, siblings, Olympic athletes, couples, and more in the mix. The competition will start at the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and send the teams France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and other places around the globe before the season is over. Here's who is going for the big money. 

Team 1
DeAngelo Williams (36) and Gary Barnidge (34) -- 
Former NFL stars from Charlotte, North Carolina. and Middleburg, Florida.

Team 2
Eswar (24) and Aparna Dhinakaran (26) -- 
Siblings from Fremont and Berkeley, California

Team 3
Jerry (61) and Frank (25) Eaves -- Father and son from Louisville, Kentucky

Team 4
Kaylynn (30) and Haley Williams (31) -- Sisters from Bluffton, South Carolina

Team 5
Chee Lee (38) and Hung Nguyen (39) -- 
Married parents from Houston, Texas

Team 6
Kellie Brinkley (37) and LaVonne Idlette (34) -- 
Olympic hurdlers from Richmond, Virginia and Hampton, Virginia.

Team 7
Leo Brown (31) and Alana Folsom (29) -- 
Dating from Somerville, Massachusetts

Team 8 
Michelle (34) and Victoria Newland (33) -- 
Sisters from Lafayette, Louisiana

Team 9
Nathan Worthington (39) and Cody Buell (33) -- 
Best friends from Dayton, Tennessee. and Paint Lick, Kentucky

Team 10
Riley (31) and Maddison McKibbin (29) -- 
Pro volleyball players from Honolulu, Hawaii

Team 11
Will Jardell (30) and James Wallington (31) -- 
Dating from Nederland, Texas and Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Amazing Race returns Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 9/8c on CBS.