Patricia Arquette Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette won't be the only one seeing dead people in living rooms this fall, thanks to a two-hour, 3-D episode of NBC's Medium, slated to air Nov. 21. The depth-defying feat was the brainchild of series creator

Glenn Gordon Caron, who's been thinking outside the box since his '80s tenure at Moonlighting. "I had wanted to do a 3-D episode of Moonlighting," he says, "but at the time the technology didn't exist to make it possible. [But] technology has come a long way." One thing hasn't changed: Folks will still need to put on those kooky paper glasses, to be distributed in an upcoming issue of TV Guide. And yes, you'll need to wear them for the entire hour. "The whole show won't be in 3-D," explains Caron, "but there will be segments throughout that will be in 3-D." Hmmm. Now I see funny-looking people.