Chatting on his cell phone while en route to a nearby hospital, Brennan Elliott almost seems as if he needs a reminder that his license plates aren't stamped M.D. "I'm on my way to do some research," the portrayer of Strong Medicine's Dr. Nick Biancavilla tells TV Guide Online. "There's nothing worse than watching someone act like a doctor, pretending they know what they mean when they don't."

Hopefully, fans of the series (airing Sundays at 8 pm/ET on Lifetime) won't question the dashing doc's diagnoses, despite his rapid rise through the medical ranks. "He's been made an attending physician," explains the actor, who went from a recurring role last season to full-fledged cast member this time, "so my residency is over, which was really quick."

Both the actor and character were rushed into the E.R. — not for lack of competent physicians at fictional Rittenhouse Hospital, but in order to pump up the romance between Dr. Nick and a more mature colleague, Dana, played by Janine Turner. "It's kind of a woman's show," he concedes. "And as doctors, we have our own personal lives, and presenting that shows the humanity of the people."

The other older lady in Brennan's life actually does have medical training, on which he thankfully relies. "My mom is a registered nurse, so I sometimes call her to ask about terminology," he says. "I've become passionate about medicine, and it makes Mom feel good that I have a little more respect for her now than I did when I was growing up."