No maybes about it: Young Reagan Dale Neis — star of the WB's Friday night sitcom Maybe It's Me — has made it in Hollywood. And no one's more surprised than the 19-year-old actress herself.

"I sort of figured that my career would start with tiny bit parts like I was getting, which was two lines here and two lines there," the onetime Malcolm in the Middle guest star tells TV Guide Online. "My next big prayer was that I could get up to five lines in an episode. I was totally willing to work my way to whatever I ended up getting, and then Maybe It's Me [came out of nowhere]."

Of course, it's possible the show's casting director initially wanted to meet with the Alberta, Canada native just to get the inside scoop on her catchy moniker. "[In America], everybody wonders if I was named after [former] President [Ronald Reagan]," she explains. "And when they re-released The Exorcist, they wondered if I was named after the girl in it. But it's nothing that exciting. My mother was planning on naming me Allison, and then [someone] named their daughter Reagan and she just fell in love with it."

Speaking of falling in love, what's the deal with her TV alter ego's revolving door of boyfriends? "We call it 'Molly's Boyfriend Du Jour', because every episode we have a new guy that Molly's in love with," she laughs, before giving viewers this sneak preview: "I think you can look forward to seeing a bunch of different, young, cute guys on our show."