Battle of Los Angeles Battle of Los Angeles

Fringe (Friday, 9/8c, Fox)
Hard to imagine the show topping its most recent episode — the haunting "Subject 13" flashback into Olivia and Peter's childhood — but any story that puts Walter Bishop center stage is worth watching, and this week the mournful mad scientist is busy trying to delay the damage he's done to the wall between universes. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, the Fringe Team is on the case of thieves who defy gravity. Now let's see Fringe defy the gravity of those Friday night ratings.

Battle of Los Angeles (Saturday, 9/8c, Syfy)
Gotta give Syfy bonus points for cheekiness. On the same weekend the big-budget alien-invasion adventure Battle: LA hits the big screen, Syfy's knowingly cheesy Saturday-night monster-movie franchise — think of it as the drive-in version — covers similar ground with Nia Peeples and Kel Mitchell (of Kenan & Kel) headlining the cast. The scenario: Spaceships swarm L.A. in advance of an alien invasion, and humanity's best hope is for two plucky soldiers to infiltrate the mothership and destroy it from within.

The Simpsons (Sunday, 8/7c, Fox)
It's high times for Homer when he joins Cheech Marin for a "Cheech and Chunk" comedy tour, while Cheech's longtime partner Tommy Chong teams up with Principal Skinner as "Teach and Chong." (I know which one I'd pay to see.) With Homer on the road, Marge stays behind to help the neighborhood cat lady mend her hoarding ways, but Marge succumbs to the clutter addiction. D'oh!

CSI: Miami (Sunday, 10/9c, CBS)
Meet the hyphenate: Adam Rodriguez, who performs triple duty as star, writer and director of this episode, its theme reminiscent of the classic thriller The Most Dangerous Game. The story brings the CSI team into the deadly world of an exclusive hunting club, where the targets are all human.

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