Boardwalk Empire Boardwalk Empire

Real Time with Bill Maher (Friday, 10/9c, HBO)
HBO's provocative salon of current-affairs satirical comedy returns for a new round of episodes. What are the odds this outspoken comic will have an opinion about the ongoing hubbub over the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque?" No topic is too sensitive or volatile for Maher and his weekly roundtable of celebrity guests and commentators. Stay to the end to watch Maher skewer the culture's most pompous, hypocritical and otherwise ridiculous targets with his "New Rules" segment.

Eleven Minutes (Saturday, 8/7c, Logo)
Reality-TV fame can be heady and immediate, but also fleeting and difficult to sustain, according to this documentary — kicking off a season of Logo Docs — which follows Jay McCarroll, the colorful and outspoken winner of Project Runway's first season, over a year's time as he attempts to make, market and sell his collection in the cutthroat world of the fashion industry. Can he "make it work?" You'll have to watch and see.

Being Human (Saturday, 9/8c, BBC America)
Following a daylong marathon (starting at 11 am/10c) of the brilliant second season of this supernatural thriller, prepare yourself for an intense season finale. Vengeful vampire Mitchell races to save his werewolf pal George and his ghostly roomie Annie from the research lab where Dr. Lucy and the ghoulish Kemp are conducting their grisly, often fatal experiments on the nature of evil. And while we're in rescue mode, can anyone save Mitchell from his own murderous demons? USA's Syfy network, currently in production with its own Americanized version of the show, has its work cut out for it living up to the original.

Boardwalk Empire (Sunday, 9/8c, HBO)
The event of the fall season, the extended pilot of this lavish period epic set in 1920 Atlantic City is directed by Martin Scorsese, whose cinematic virtuosity brings alive the gaudy corruption and jazzy debauchery of the Prohibition era. Get acquainted with a colorful cast of characters, led by Steve Buscemi, ruling the roost as town treasurer Nucky Thompson. He consorts with gangsters from Chicago and New York (including up-and-comers Al Capone and Lucky Luciano) as he controls the pipeline of illegal hooch with the help of his brother, the sheriff. Kelly Macdonald co-stars as an immigrant wife who catches Nucky's fancy, and Michael Shannon is his self-righteous nemesis, the steely Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden. It's a dazzler.

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