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House (Monday, 8/7c, Fox)
While Thirteen's away, House's team must play nice with Cuddy, agreeing to add a female doctor to fill the void. Enter Joan of Arcadia's Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters, a third-year med student who can hold her own against these strong personalities. Even the mercurial boss man. She gets a chance to prove herself in the case of a senator's campaign manager who collapses, mid-campaign, with liver failure and temporary paralysis.

Conan (Premieres Monday, 11/10c, TBS)
Like a red-maned phoenix rising from the ashes of last winter's peacock debacle, Conan O'Brien is finally back plying his wacky mad comedy skills in late night — with Andy Richter in tow and The Basic Cable Band (led by Jimmy Vivino in place of the departed Max Weinberg) providing musical backup. Opening-night guests include Seth Rogen and music from Jack White, while the rest of the week will welcome Tom Hanks (Tuesday), Jon Hamm (Wednesday) and Michael Cera and Julie Bowen (Thursday). Team Coco, it was a long wait but your loyalty has been rewarded. But how will he fare going head-to-head with The Daily Show?

The Good Wife (Tuesday, 10/9c, CBS)
Michael J. Fox
makes a rare guest appearance as Alicia's latest formidable adversary, a disabled attorney who's not above using his condition to manipulate a jury in a class-action suit that targets a pharmaceutical company. Also on the guest roster: Six Feet Under's Lili Taylor as a friend of Kalinda's who may be spilling some of the enigmatic investigator's secrets to her rival, Blake. Good stuff.

Burn Notice (Thursday, 10/9c, USA Network)
As the spy drama returns with six new episodes to finish out its fourth season, Michael Weston is still recuperating from the injuries inflicted in the summer cliffhanger. But there's no rest for the burned, and soon enough he finds himself getting uncomfortably close to a paranoid mad bomber. Adding to the complications, the team is still trying to win back the trust of Jesse, forced to work with them to retrieve some critical classified documents. If things ever went smoothly for these scrappy eccentrics, there would be no show.

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