Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein

House (Monday, 8/7c, Fox)
To escape from a very unpleasant reality — the episode is titled "Bombshells" — Cuddy retreats into a dream world, with elaborate fantasy sequences teaming Cuddy and House in a musical number choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance fave Mia Michaels, as well as homages to the Western and classic sitcoms. It's no laughing matter, though, as Cuddy wonders if House will be there for her through thick and thin. The episode is directed by Greg Yaitanes, who's been responsible for some of House's most stylistically ambitious hours. This one certainly qualifies.

He Loves Me (Monday, 9/8c, Lifetime)
Here's something we don't see enough of anymore: the classic psycho lady-in-distress TV-movie, starring one of the queens of the movie-of-the-week format: Heather Locklear. In this potboiler, the former Melrose Place minx plays a woman who has it all: real-estate career, cardiologist husband, cute 6-year-old daughter. But when she begins to suspect her husband of infidelity, her shady past begins to manifest in all sorts of psychologically creepy and eventually violent ways. Something tells us her dreams are going to end a lot worse than Cuddy's.

Southland (Tuesday, 10/9c, TNT)
The season finale of this starkly compelling police drama is titled "Graduation Day," but the question lingers: Will this show, rescued from cancellation by NBC and given a chance to shine on cable, get to graduate to another season? This episode is built around officer Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie)'s eventful tour of duty on his last day as a rookie, and we want to see where he goes next. His biggest distraction: How to deal with his partner/training officer John Cooper's (the terrific Michael Cudlitz) alarming addiction to pain killers. Their partnership is the heart and soul of this series, so expect some emotional fireworks. And let's hope this isn't the last we get to see of them.

The Big Bang Theory (Thursday, 8/7c, CBS)
Many of the world's science geeks would look at Leonard's dilemma this week — having to choose between his new romance with Raj's sister Priya, and his enduring friendship with ex-girlfriend-next-door Penny — and consider him the luckiest nerd on the planet. But it's a sticky situation when Priya asks her beau to stop hanging around the bombshell across the hall. A much more intense showdown looms later that night on Fox's Bones (9/8c), as Bones chases after fugitive sniper Jacob Broadsky (who blew the Gravedigger's head off several weeks ago) and uses his own military training to try to outmaneuver his former colleague before he takes out his next victim.

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