Aftermath with William Shatner (Monday, 10/9c, BIO) As he proved in his Shatner's Raw Nerve series, the future star of $#*! My Dad Says is no slouch when it comes to interviewing people who interest him. In this new series, he catches up with people who became famous or infamous overnight. First subject: Bernard Goetz, the so-called "Subway Vigilante" who shot four men he alleged were intending to mug him on a New York subway train in 1984. (It's the kind of case Denny Crane used to love to tackle.)

Warehouse 13 (Tuesday, 9/8c, Syfy) Fargo comes to South Dakota—Eureka's Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston), that is—in a cross-over episode between Syfy's summer hits. The techie arrives at Global Dynamics to update its computer system, but triggers a virus that sends the Warehouse into lockdown, trapping our heroes inside. The stunt continues on Eureka Friday.

Dark Blue (Wednesday, TNT, 9/8c, TNT) Tricia Helfer, who turned heads on Battlestar Galactica and Burn Notice in recent years, joins the undercover detectives in this gritty crime drama as it begins its second season. She's introduced in back-to-back episodes as FBI agent Alex Rice, who enlists Lt. Carter Shaw's team as part of a joint NYPD/FBI task force.

Rookie Blue (Thursday, 9/8c, ABC) This surprise summer hit, already renewed for a second season, gets seasonally topical—or is that tropical?—when a heat wave breaks out in the unnamed city, magnifying the danger when a serial rapist goes on the loose and patrol officer Andy is cut off from the rest of her squad during a sudden blackout.

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