Matthew Fox by Eric Charbonneau/ Matthew Fox by Eric Charbonneau/
Lost 's

Matthew Fox has found some dough - a lot of it. The Golden Globe-nominated actor has negotiated a new salary with ABC Studios that will see him earn a hefty $225,000 per episode for the serial drama's upcoming season, the

Hollywood Reporter reports. Prior to the deal, Fox's paycheck topped out at $150,000. News broke earlier this week that the 42-year-old, along with Evangeline Lilly, had started re-negotiating their contracts with ABC. Lilly had also been earning $150,000, and, until reported otherwise, it looks like she still may be. But how can you not give the woman behind Kate Austen more moolah? ABC may have to dish out even more money to the Oceanic crew. Word on the beach has it that Fox and Lilly's castmates are angling for raises too after hearing of their negotiations. The other regulars make a comparably paltry $80,000-$90,000 per episode. How about everyone gets $1 million an episode and we call it a day? - Joyce Eng