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A Cleveland bus driver has filed assault charges against Matthew Fox for allegedly punching her over the weekend, CNN reports.

Prosecutors told CNN that they are reviewing Heather Bormann's complaint. The office also has photographs of bruises on Bormann's legs and arms, which she said were a result of Fox attacking her after she denied him entry to a private party bus early Sunday.

Bormann, who told CNN that the Lost star "reeked of liquor," said she also suffered a wrist injury when she punched him back.

Matthew Fox detained for allegedly punching a woman

"He got me pretty good," she said. "He was swinging at my legs and, ultimately, my chest and my crotch area."Fox was detained by the police, but not formally arrested Sunday, and was subsequently taken to a hotel by a friend. He has not yet commented on the allegations and emails to his rep have not been returned.