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Masters of Sex Mega Buzz: Is Virginia Still with Dan in Season 4?

And is Bill really over her?

Liz Raftery

When Masters of Sexreturns for Season 4, something tells us Bill (Michael Sheen) is going to regret his decision to let Virginia (Lizzy Caplan) leave with Dan (Josh Charles) without putting up a fight.

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Based on what we've heard, not only are Virginia and Dan still an item - but they've actually tied the knot! It's no surprise that decisive Dan liked it and wasted no time putting a ring on it, but it remains to be seen whether Virginia is a happily married woman. For starters, she's probably going to keep her own last name - a revolutionary step given the time period, but one that makes sense given that she's a published author. ("Masters and Logan" just doesn't have the same ring to it.) But more importantly, what will this mean for Virginia and Bill's relationship?

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