Kilgrave (David Tennant) met a pretty definitive end in the Season 1 finale of Marvel's Jessica Jones when he got his neck snapped by the titular super-strong private eye, ending his reign of terror over her psyche.

So why is he returning for Season 2? Entertainment Weekly revealed that Kilgrave is maybe not quite as killed or in a grave as we thought Monday with a photo of Tennant and Krysten Ritter together on the set of the Marvel series, which is set to return early next year. Marvel is keeping mum on what he's doing in Season 2.

It's actually probably nothing so crazy as "Kilgrave returns!" Our guess is that he'll appear in flashbacks. Flashbacks were integral to how the story was told in Season 1 as Jessica pieced together the traumatic events that had happened to her over the course of her life. The fallout from Kilgrave as well as her difficult childhood is ongoing, so it's probably to be expected that flashbacks will be part of the show again in Season 2.

David Tennant and Krysten Ritter, <em>Marvel's Jessica Jones</em>David Tennant and Krysten Ritter, Marvel's Jessica Jones

Or maybe the memory of Kilgrave will be sort of like a ghost that haunts her. He was so deep in her head for so long that maybe her brain will still think it hears him. Her negative thinking will talk to her in his voice.

We'll find out for sure when Marvel's Jessica Jones returns next year. Before that, though, Jessica Jones can be seen on Marvel's The Defenders, which premieres Friday, Aug. 18 on Netflix.