Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model
Ah, yes. The moment I've been waiting for — the finale of my biggest guilty pleasure! Oh, the drama. First, Kevin Peake reveals to the Top 10 he's a spy. Shocked facial expressions galore. Now we're down to two. Then finalist Jon Johnson doesn't want to pose nude but, lo and behold, he changes his mind just in time. Didn't want Rob Williams to have a nude advantage on him. Bravo to Bravo for the butt shots. Then Carmen Electra walks out in her best Stevie Nicks "Stand Back" dress and announces that Jon (yay — my choice) is the winner over Rob (the only openly gay one of the final 10) and gets $100,000 and a modeling contract with IMG.

Promo for Bravo's new show Project Runway
"Twelve up-and-coming designers compete to start their own fashion line." I give this show a rating of ND — No Desire.

Gilmore Girls
I like it when Liz Torres is on as Miss Patty. TV fanatics like me have been enjoying Liz since the days of Phyllis and All in the Family (which is ironic since my Sally Struthers also shows up on Gilmore Girls from time to time). And how many shows is Dakin Matthews on? He's headmaster Charleston on this show and he's also Merle on Jack & Bobby.

My random fave lines:
Lorelai to Rory: "I don't want ugly grandchildren."
Rory to Lorelai: "You're just talking to keep yourself warm, aren't you?"
Lorelai to Luke: "You're like Willy Wonka, but hotter."
Paris (love her!) to Rory: "I may suffocate her when I get back."
Paris to Rory: "OK — Doyle and I had sex."

Speaking of Doyle, it's great seeing Danny Strong as Doyle since he, Tom Lenk and Adam Busch were hilarious on Buffy. And where was Kelly Bishop?

Christmas in Rockefeller Center
Ever notice how Clay Aiken sings like Cher every seventh or eighth word? Like in his song from last year "If I was invisiboh..." Now he's singing holiday classics on NBC just like Cher. "Ooooooh Holy Ni-OH-ght..." OK, he didn't actually sing that song, but you get my drift. Note to the Claymates: Clay has a lovely voice. A voice that sometimes sounds like Cher and that's a great thing since I love me some Cher.

The Real Gilligan's Island
I had to check this out just to see how bad it actually was. Two Gilligans, two Skippers, two sets of Millionaires, two Gingers, two Mary Anns and two Professors (one of whom is gay)... all competing against each other to be a part of The Real Gilligan's Island. Oy. Couldn't TBS have found two better Gingers than Rachel Hunter and Nicole Eggert? "Movie stars"? Not. Nice opening theme, though.

The Amazing Race
Hey, Adam (of former boyfriend-and-girlfriend team Adam and Rebecca) — please do something about that lisp. Married pro-wrestlers Lori and Bolo are still annoying, but not as much as married entrepreneurs Jonathan and Victoria. Bye-bye, Lena and Kristy.

The Biggest Loser
Thank god it wasn't a super-size episode — one hour is fat enough for this show. Nice to see two former contestants come back and show us they've been continuing to lose weight. But why are there still so many people left on this show? I wish they would eliminate two people a week rather than just one. This week, constantly crying Kelly of the "Rachel 'do" comment was let go. Caroline Rhea cracks me up each week with her "It's time to cut the fat" line. Oh, Caroline. Next week: no more teams! Red and blue merge. The excitement is overweight, I mean overwhelming.

Judging Amy
Awesome to see Angie Dickinson on TV again. Sergeant Pepper Anderson (no relation) — loved her. Angie's still got it. Nice "Muskrat Love" reference at the cliff-hanger end when Amy sees her mother (Tyne Daly) passed out on the floor.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
No one plays eccentric better than Amanda Plummer. Guest Emmy nomination, anyone? Mary Stuart Masterson is looking old. However, Mary was some kind of wonderful in this episode.

The Real World
Oh, Landon. It's not all about you. You're getting boring.

OK, first things first. Christine Estabrook gets killed off as Mrs. Huber on Desperate Housewives Sunday night and then two nights later shows up on NYPD Blue in three scenes as Mrs. Cahill? I actually said to the TV: "Shut up!" ABC obviously loves Christine. Then Dawnn Lewis appears. It's A Different World indeed. But wait — there's more! Ken Marino is also a guest star. I can't look at him the same way since he played Grace's six-toed boyfriend on Will & Grace.

Promos for Ken Jennings on Nightline
"I lost on Jeopardy... baby... oooooooh..." There is a God! Finally. More than two and half million dollars later. I didn't notice if Peter Jennings was going to be interviewing Ken Jennings, though. That would've been funny. — Daniel R. Coleridge is on assignment. Today's column was written by Dave Anderson.