Britney Spears by Jeffrey Mayer/ Britney Spears by Jeffrey Mayer/
Britney Spears' manager and public ally, Sam Lufti, let the ladies of

The View know that his client's seemingly increasing mental problems are "treatable." During Monday's show, View cohost Barbara Walters said that, according to Lufti, Britney is (finally!) getting psychiatric treatment. And while word on the street (the one that Ba-Wa lives on, anyway), is that, while Brit's still having mood swings and a tough time sleeping, she's getting family support, professional support and overall, is moving in the right direction. And not a moment too soon. - Anna Dimond Related: " Britney Update: Visitation Still Denied " Britney Bits: The Movie's Off, Obituary Is On " Britney's Pregnancy Rumor All a Gag