Ayla Kell and Josie Loren Ayla Kell and Josie Loren

If the Make It or Break It girls thought the road to Nationals was tough, wait until they enter the U.S. Olympic training center.  

When the ABC Family series returns, Kaylie (Josie Loren), Payson (Ayla Kell) and Lauren (Cassie Scerbo) are settling into their new digs as they fight to earn one of just five spots on the Olympic gymnastics team. But with a new and extremely tough coach, stiff competition that's whittled down throughout the season, and no one to lean on but each other, the threesome are in for a rude awakening. "We need to step it up and deal with it," Loren says. Keep reading to find out about all the changes to expect when Season 3 premieres on Monday at 9/8c:

A new location
Say goodbye to The Rock. After clinching the gold at Nationals, the girls are headed to the U.S. Olympic training camp where they'll remain all season. "It's like Make it or Break it goes to college," Loren says.

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A new coach
The girls will be trained by the extremely tough-as-nails Coach McIntire (Dondre Whitfield) and it takes them awhile to adjust. "He will never be Sasha Bellov," Loren says. "This guy plays no games, plays no favorites and is all about winning. He plays the game with the desire to win and if that means he'll beat you to the ground, he will."

A new competitor
Kaylie, Payson and Lauren are shocked when the coach lets another gymnast named Jordan (Chelsea Tavares) join the training camp. "Kaylie and Jordan have history and she is not a fan of her at all," Loren says. "A lot of conflict arises [because] she's a huge threat, she's a great gymnast and there are only five spots on the Olympic team."

A new friendship
Kelly Parker (Nicole Anderson) may have been the girls' nemesis last season, but after some bonding at the training camp she becomes an ally. "We have to room together eventually," Loren says. "We don't go head-to-head and it's actually really nice. The friendship that blossoms between Kaylie and Kelly is really beautiful."

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A new health scare
When Lauren begins to experience dizzy spells, she's forced to see the doctor. The news is shocking when she learns she has a heart condition that requires surgery.

A new love interest 
An eight-week training camp plus lots of athletes means plenty of new hookups — especially considering Payson is getting over a break-up and the revelation that her ex is bisexual. Kell calls Payson's new boyfriend "perfect" for her since he has the same Olympic drive and starts to bring her out of her shell and show her a world outside of gymnastics. 

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