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Maggie's Morning Sickness Leads to Gary on the Radio in this A Million Little Things Sneak Peek

Uh-oh, how is this going to go?

Megan Vick

As excited as Maggie (Allison Miller) and Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) are to be parents in A Million Little Things Season 5, pregnancy is not all sunshine and rainbows. Morning sickness has hit in our sneak peek of Wednesday's episode, and it could not have come at a worse time. 

Maggie is at work, in the middle of a broadcast, when a wave of nausea comes over her. Luckily, she has Gary right there to help her through it, but the water and meds are simply not enough. Maggie has to bail in the middle of a call to go throw up, leaving Gary to step in. We've seen Gary give great advice to the friend group, but is he ready to help a caller dealing with relationship issues? More importantly, can he legally offer advice when he isn't a licensed therapist? 

Gary looks like he's very at home on the radio, but we can't wait to see how Maggie is going to react when she gets out of the bathroom. Hey, maybe this is the start of a great radio career for Gary. Pray for those listeners. 

A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

James Roday Rodriguez, A Million Little Things

James Roday Rodriguez, A Million Little Things