Guy Ritchie and Madonna Guy Ritchie and Madonna

The show must go on for Madonna and Guy Ritchie after finally confirming Wednesday that they are seeking a divorce. And for the singer, the show must literally go on.

Instead of seeking refuge in the wake of the media frenzy, Madonna soldiered on with her Sticky and Sweet tour Wednesday evening in Boston, performing her usual two-hour set, People reports.

The singer made no direct references to her soon-to-be ex-husband — "direct" being the key word here. While introducing her tune "Miles Away," Madge dedicated it, as she has done in previous shows, to the "emotionally retarded."

"You may know a few people like that," she said. "God knows I do."

Containing the lyric, "When I'm gone you'll realize/That I'm the best thing that happened to you," the song, Madonna admitted to Elle magazine in April, was inspired by Ritchie.

As for Ritchie, he was across the Atlantic in his native London, equally hard at work on his new flick, Sherlock Holmes. The director spent all day Wednesday shooting with Robert Downey Jr. inside 400-year-old mansion Hatfield House, while a horde of paparazzi waited for him outside.