In space, nobody can hear you scream. But for fans of the offbeat sci-fi drama Farscape, rest assured that their distress signal has been received and relief, in the form of new episodes, is about to arrive.

"Poor John!" sighs series-lead Ben Browder, as he reflects on the fate awaiting his alter ego, stranger-in-a-strange-land John Crichton, when the last four installments of the second season begin airing tonight at 9 pm/ET on the Sci Fi Channel.

Since having his brain altered by leather-faced baddie Scorpious, Crichton has all but abandoned his quest to find a way back to Earth, favoring attempts to regain his sanity. "His journey into darkness started a long time ago, and that's a bold thing for the writing staff to do to [a] main character."

Whether or not Crichton gets his marbles back, many fans are hoping that by season's end he will finally utter those three all-important words to his favorite sparring partner, alien hottie Aeryn (Claudia Black). Browder, however, isn't nearly so eager. "Why do they need to say it?" he asks. "What goes on between them is fairly obvious, without having to hammer the audience over the head with it."

Which might be just as well, since upcoming developments likely will have viewers reeling. Asked for details of the season finale, the actor slips into a sing-songy verse that may sound eerily familiar to those who've witnessed Crichton's apparent descent into madness. "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall... All the king's horses, and all the king's men, couldn't put Humpty together again!"

And will fans be left hanging? Count on it, teases Browder. "Let's just say it's going to be a long two months until the third season begins in March!"