Britney Spears and Madonna by Kevin Kane/ Britney Spears and Madonna by Kevin Kane/

Some gossip is too good to pass up: If the UK's questionable celeb tabloid, the Sun, is to be believed (even a little bit), Madonna and Britney Spears' upcoming tour performance together will surpass even their 2003 kiss in the annals of raunchy, public antics.

A source describes the duo's new act for Madge's Sticky & Sweet tour, to which Brit will be contributing, promising that the pair's new, risqué routine will be broadcast on 20-foot screens on stage. Set against a mash-up of Madonna's "Beat Goes On" and Britney's "Piece of Me" (which would be entertaining enough on its own), the two will be unwrapped from mummy-like bondage costumes by male dancers in (wait for it) leather thongs.

Once the unwrapping is done, the ladies of pop will be clad in little more than leather "bondage pants" and knee-high boots - the perfect outfits in which to bump and grind together, as a technical dancer would call it.

If the Sun's report is true, what's your take on the proposed performance art? Is this just the edge we need back in pop, or could it, just maybe, be an exploitative ploy for ticket sales? Five years after the pair made headlines with their girl-on-girl action, is the monogender erotica a non-issue (see: Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan), or still enough to justify your love? - Anna Dimond

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