Mad Men Mad Men

Mad Men's notoriously tight-lipped creator, Matthew Weiner, is actually talking about the AMC drama's March 25 two-hour premiere. "It's called 'A Little Kiss,'" Matt reveals. "I like the title to have some kind of synergy with the show so it will pique your interest." Consider us piqued! Assuming that Jon Hamm's Don Draper is one half of the titular kiss (I know that's a big assumption), who might be on the receiving end? Perhaps new fiancée Megan (Jessica Paré)? What about ex Betty (January Jones)?

"Who says Megan's even going to be part of Don's life?" says Weiner. "He may be back with Betty. One of my favorite scenes from [last season's finale] was when Betty offered herself to him again. And let's face it — those two look really good together." 

Unfortunately, when I recently bumped into January, she told me she couldn't recall having shot a single kiss in the new season.  Damn, guess we'll just have to watch.    

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