Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey, the 52-year-old retired police officer from Wakefield, Va., was the third contestant voted out of Survivor: The Australian Outback. One of those stabbing Hershey in the back was her "conjoined twin,"

Tina Wesson — a vote the ex-cop admitted stung. "I had no idea [that she voted me off] until I watched it last night for the first time," Hershey said on CBS's The Early Show. "I had to give my own self first aid... but I'm recovering." And should Hugh Hefner come calling, "Mad Dog" said she'd drop trou for a measly $1,200. For a recap of episode three, click here. Meanwhile, in their second head-to-head face-off last night, Survivor once again beat NBC's Friends. According to preliminary ratings estimates, Survivor scored an 18 rating and 26 share, compared to a 15.7/23 for Friends.