In his latest film, Focus (now in theaters), William H. Macy plays a Gentile man who is outcast and threatened because of his Jewish appearance. The Oscar-nominated star of Fargo admits the movie's theme is especially applicable in this post-Sept. 11 climate.

"It's about intolerance and the objectification of people," he tells TV Guide Online of the pic, which is based on the novel by famed playwright Arthur Miller. "It's sort of an exploration of what it takes to get people to rise up against intolerance."

"[My character] spends most of the film saying this is not my fight. If I were Jewish I would get involved, but I'm not a Jew so leave me out of it — which is what I think we all want to do," adds the 52-year-old actor. "We want to say this is not my fight, [but] after Sept. 11, we all realize that this is our fight. We cannot not be involved. We have to celebrate our differences and we as a people have to be ruthless in exposing intolerance wherever we see it."

What's more, since the birth last year of his daughter, Sophia, with actress-wife Felicity Huffman, Macy says he feels a special duty to speak out against movies that feature senseless violence and high body counts. "We all know, especially after Sept. 11, when you kill people it means a lot," admits the thesp, last seen running away from deadly dinos in Jurassic Park III. "It means a whole lot.

"[I've] redoubled my resolve never to do those despicable movies," continues the onetime ER doc. "Violence always begets violence. It's a never-ending cycle, and sooner or later somebody's got to be brave enough to stand up and say, 'We're going to stop the violence.'"