Lynne Spears appeared exclusively on Today to publicize her new book on raising her star daughters Britney

and Jamie Lynn in the spotlight. The book, aptly titled, Through The Storm - A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, was supposed to be a book about poetry and memories. That was five years ago, before Britney's failed marriages, custody battle, public breakdowns and Jamie Lynn's teen pregnancy. Spears, speaking to Today's Meredith Vieira, said the book quickly became a "set-it-straight" book. Spears also told Vieira that the book was never supposed to be about parenting, as was previously reported. Vieira made sure to point out that many critics of Spears look at her two daughters and think, "she has no business writing a book on parenting." (Possibly the understatement of the century). Spears does talk candidly in the book about how her darling girl Britney went from a happy singer/dancer to a troubled woman shaving her head in front of the paparazzi. She feels the intense media attention and the pressures of "celebrityhood," as well as choosing to stay home with Jamie Lynn instead of going on the road with Britney contributed to the pop star's downfall. Vieira also asked Spears if she was a stage mom, which she denied, and if she was sucked in to the world of fame (without thinking of the consequences). Spears said that they were wowed by all the wonderful things Britney got to do, calling it a "honeymoon period." But as her daughter's life spiraled downward, and they became more separated, Spears admits they "lost control" over the situation. Watch the video here and let us know what you think of Lynne Spears' interview. - Erin Fox

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