<EM>The Amazing Race</EM> The Amazing Race

So Luke spends the entire night caring for Lorelai's pukey Paul Anka (the dog, not the singer), and all she can say is, "I don't want to set a wedding date until things are right with Rory." Not "Thank you, Luke." Not "I love you, Luke." Not "I know how much you hate dogs, especially sick, smelly, barfy dogs who just ate three lbs. of your best baking chocolate in the middle of the night when all the animal hospitals were closed and you had to wake up the town vet who was probably in his pajamas, please god tell me that he was wearing pajamas, and beg for his medical expertise, which of course means I'll never, ever be able to repay you in this lifetime or any other lifetime, for that matter, Luke." (My best Lorelai impression, thank you very much!) Boy, does she have him wrapped. "There are lots of ways I can screw up this relationship," he tells the vet. "But I can't lose her because I killed her dog." He should be more worried about her screwing up the relationship and she needs to focus a lot less on the dog. But instead of making things better, she's hell-bent on filling the hole Rory's left behind. From the dog-for-daughter replacement to her obsessive need to mother the carpenters (the workers, not the singers) to the creepy/compulsive way she pumped Paris for information, Lorelai is jonesing for her Rory fix. Who needs who more? We're not seeing Rory stare longingly at her cell phone. We're not seeing her drive by the Inn. We're not seeing her pump Paris for information. Sure, she looked miserable watching Yale orientation go on without her. And who could miss that dour Grams Gilmore look on her face as she was being inducted into the DAR? Still, neither heartache had anything to do with Mom, who has her nuptials on hold until her daughter finds her way home. She better not put it off for long, or she might miss out on a wild and crazy wedding with Paul Anka. (The singer, not the dog.) We hope.