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Lucifer's Tom Ellis and Lauren German Tease Deckerstar's Teamwork and Sacrifice in Season 6

Will they make it to the end?

Destiny Jackson

It's time for all good Devils to ascend the throne of Heaven, or at least in the case of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis).  When we last saw Lucifer's charismatic crime-solver he was between a rough bout of reconciling his daddy issues, fighting an unholy war with his evil twin brother Michael (also Ellis), saving the love of his life Chloe Decker (Lauren German) from the clutches of death. In the process of the latter task, he was resurrected as the new God.

Season 5 was originally supposed to be the end of the series, but a last-minute Season 6 renewal gave the show the opportunity to explore the biggest remaining question on every fan's mind: How exactly can the Devil rule Heaven? 

Upgrading the Devil to God status has all the makings of a series finale-type stunt, how could they possibly top that? But somehow co-showrunners and executive producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson found a way to explore a new beginning for the series ending. 

"We thought Season 5 was the end, so in a sense, mentally, I made peace, kind of, with the fact that we've gone full circle with this story,"  Ellis told TV Guide about the sudden expansion of the Lucifer saga. "But Joe and Ildy, like they always do, were able to break it down and say 'well, what haven't we touched on?' And I honestly feel like the territory we covered in Season 6 is somewhere we've never been before, especially performing the character of Lucifer. There was a dynamic that I'd not touched on before and how it echoed Lucifer's feelings of abandonment in the first 5 seasons. Season 6 holds up because it was an opportunity for every character in their own way to say goodbye properly, and that never really happens." 

And thank Heavens they extended the season. 

While Lucifer and Chloe got a shot at their happy ending in the previous season, after finally sharing "I love you's", not everything is sunshine and rainbows for the rest of the gang. Is the 10-episode order enough to resolve the remaining storylines of the other characters? Amenadiel (DB Woodside) deciding to stay on Earth and joining the police force, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) trying to become the next ruler of Hell while also balancing her relationship with Eve (Inbar Lavi), and Ella (Aimee Garcia) struggling in her love life after dating a secret serial killer. 

"The writers and Tom did such a beautiful job bringing everything together. I think people are going to see so many different layers," German reassured TV Guide that Season 6 will satisfy those remaining threads, "Chloe and Lucifer being together and being a team, and what they sacrifice. Maze and Eve. Ella going through her journey. I mean every character has these sort of eye-opening adventures and epiphanies. I think people are going to like how it ends." 

Tom Ellis and Lauren German, Lucifer

Tom Ellis and Lauren German, Lucifer


Though it makes us sad that our six-year case study with the crime-solving duo is coming to end, the impact of the Deckerstar ship is eternal. What exactly does Season 6 look like for Chloe and Lucifer's relationship going forward? 

"That's the one thing I've always loved about the character of Lucifer. He doesn't see himself how Chloe sees him. She sees everything beautiful and lovely about him." German explained. 

When asked if she could actually say goodbye to the characters herself at the end of their journey before the show's release, German had some insight about what makes the Deckerstar bond everlasting. 

"I would say to Lucifer: 'You're such a beautiful, amazing [person.] You are so selfless, so loving, and even through your whiskey and your crazy love affairs and all the funny wonkiness of you, you're the most brilliant, lovely, beautiful person. And you deserve everything that you're so scared to have and to take. Thank you, you are so loved and you deserve happiness. To Chloe, I would just say 'Have a cocktail, girl. Live it up.'" 

The Season 6 finale in the celestial saga is sure to be jam-packed with some end of the world madness, tears, and answers to all our greatest desires, but no season of Lucifer is truly complete without an overarching heartfelt message. 

Ellis offered a beacon of light in the darkness for fans as the series comes to an end:

"If the Devil can be redeemed anyone can. From the moment this show started I thought like 'what was the bigger picture of this show?' And it's the show about the ultimate redemption story, basically," he said. "So, I think there's always hope if you believe. And I don't mean necessarily to believe religiously, but if you believe positively in positive energy, there's always hope. And I hope that's what fans take away from it." 

We all know time works differently in Hell, but on Earth, the final season can't come fast enough. 

Lucifer Season 6

premieres Friday, Sept. 10 on Netflix.