The West Wing has elected to dismiss Rob Lowe sooner than first thought, TV Guide Online has learned. The actor's final appearance on NBC's White House drama — initially slated for March — will now air during the Feb. 26 episode, a show rep confirms. In a recent interview with TV Guide Online, exec producer

Aaron Sorkin said he was holding off on writing Lowe's swan song because, "I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that [he'll stay]. I say it out loud every day: 'Please, I want Rob to stay on the show!'" There seems little chance of that at this point. Lowe recently inked a deal with the Peacock network to headline a new legal drama next season. What's more, Lowe's WW alter ego, Sam Seaborn, recently left his post as communications director to run for Congress in California. Translation: He's a goner, folks.