If you love topless women with ample assets, Ed, Mike and Danny solving a couple capers and yes, more guest stars than you can shake a stick at, then you've come to the right casino. Counterfeit chips keep Ed and Mike busy. No less than Richard Lewis, Paul Anka and Dennis Rodman ante up for a pseudo celebrity-poker showdown with Danny. At this point, I really was hoping Phil Gordon and Dave Foley would make a surprise appearance. Instead we get to hear Rodman ask when the Pussycat Dolls go on. Las Vegas, you slay me. At least you have the good sense to bring Mitch back into the security fold. Welcome back, Mitch Longley!

One of my favorite over-the-top moments (out of so many) is when Ed is interrogating some Barbie doll who seems to be bestest buds with the word "like." She like, talks like this but can't really like, tell her story in a way like, anyone would understand. OK? Like, totally! As for Lara Flynn Boyle, her Monica Mancuso is becoming kinda obnoxious. But you can't say she's an idiot; she does manage to fish for quite the compliment from Mike and cops a feel of James Caan's assets in just under two minutes.

Turns out this is also Rachael Leigh Cook's first episode. She pops into Danny's life at the very end, just in time for the show to introduce some mystery about his late dad. But when Danny opens the door to Cook's real-estate agent, Penny Posin (love the name), I really thought they were going to blast Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me" à la her geek-to-chic stairway scene in She's All That. Now that would have been like, really cool.