Ever love a show but snooze through an episode? Yeah, right here. Sort of a waste, this one, with all the buildup to Turtle's Xbox tournament flaming out 30 seconds into his first match. And to a kid, no less! Considering his eyes were basically floating in black-market urine to dodge the bogus drug screening, it would have been funnier to have him lose bladder control than a video game, you know? And when the hell are we gonna get Vince the Aquaman deal? It's been, like, three weeks since James Cameron signed on to direct; now they've got Sharon Stone lined up for fishboy's mother and still nobody to fill the damn tights. Hello, I'm starting to think E. and Ari are as useful as a real set of breasts in that town. (Oh, and for the record, Aquaman? Hottest hero in the DC universe. Even with the harpoon hand. Word.) So I'm thinking that those two either need to get Vinnie a contract pronto or start lining up more hipster Asian auteurs to feature him in their foreign-market commercials. After all, the hilarious finished product may have been Lost in Translation-ly overdone, but at least that martial-arts trainer gave him a wax-on, wax-off that even Drama's bud, the Karate Kid, could only dream of.