Melanie Lynskey by Cliff Lipson/CBS Melanie Lynskey by Cliff Lipson/CBS
Melanie Lynskey may have driven off the set of Two and a Half Men, but when the sitcom celebrates its 100th episode, she'll be back as Charlie's stalker Rose, and apparently for more than a pit stop. At the CBS Monday Night Lineup Premiere Party on Sept. 19,

Men costar Marin Hinkle (who plays Judith Harper) revealed that in the milestone episode, Charlie will realize his true passion for his stalker. "He goes to seek her out to tell her how he feels about her, and there's a surprise to how she handles it. I'm sure she will be back for many episodes. The way they left it had a wonderful dot-dot-dot." Lynskey is not the only guest star appearing on the comedy in its first six episodes. Janeane Garofalo appears as one of Alan's romantic mistakes, Ming Wen will be one of Charlie's objects of affection, and much to Holland Taylor's delight, Robert Wagner will come back to romance her character, Evelyn Harper. "I've had Martin Sheen and Robert Wagner as my love interests," Taylor says. "Now I want them to fight over me like dogs! It's good for the ego." - Reporting by Carita Rizzo