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They might be the next Days of Our Lives supercouple...or a disaster waiting to happen. Next week, gorgeous young Salemites Chad and Gabi, played by Casey Deidrick and Camila Banus, are picked to be the new faces of Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics and their steamy ad campaign will make them a global sensation. But Gabi wants more. Lots more. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Deidrick and Banus about this possibly fatal attraction!

TV Guide Magazine: So you two are going to become fashion superstars, eh? Billboards? Bus benches? The whole thing?
Deidrick: We're Salem's Next Top Models!
Banus: We've already shot scenes where people are coming up and recognizing us and saying how they love our photos. Gabi is attracted to Chad and she sees this modeling thing as a way to be near him. And when she sees the response, she's even more attracted to him. They're so good together that people think they're a couple — Sami, Kate, the photographers, everybody thinks that.
Deidrick: Meanwhile, Chad's like, "Huh? What?" [Laughs] He's clueless.

TV Guide Magazine: It's interesting that Days is pushing the chemistry with these two again. They had a thing a while back before Camila was playing the part — but then it was revealed that Chad had fathered a baby with a 14-year-old.
Deidrick: You're right. You'd never know that happened if you were tuning into Days for the first time now. We sort of let that drop.
Banus: And it was never really established why Gabi and Chad broke up.

TV Guide Magazine: Then is this the real thing or is Gabi desperate and on the rebound after her breakup with gay Will?
Banus: She's totally on the rebound! There was nothing going on with Will — not even a little bit of kissing — so when Casey saved Gabi in the kidnapping, which is what she thinks happened, she looks at him as her hero. She sees how cute he is, and she thinks there's something there. Plus, now they're doing all these sexy modeling shoots wearing God knows what. [Laughs] Or, rather, not wearing God knows what. She wants him.
Deidrick: Which makes sense. [Laughs] Chad's the only straight young male in Salem these days! What other choice does she have? My character has three girls after him right now. Oh, actually four.
Banus: Four? What are you talking about? There's Gabi and Abigail and Melanie.
Deidrick: I've been shooting scenes with Lisa Rinna [Billie] and she wants Chad, too! She's totally after him! And he's weighing his options. [Laughs] But, hey, for my character this is just another day at the office.

TV Guide Magazine: Does Chad know Gabi has the hots for him?
Deidrick: He's oblivious to her feelings, which is hard because Camila is such a beautiful woman.
Banus: Awwww.
Deidrick: At first Chad thinks this modeling thing is kinda lame. He doesn't want to do it, but he sees how enthusiastic Gabi is and he realizes he can't be selfish. He jumps on board to please her because she's been going through such a tough time with Will. Little does he know he's going to end up on magazine covers. But he doesn't know Gabi is attracted to him. He's just broken up with Abigail and he's now with Melanie and he's put all his eggs in her basket. He cares about Gabi, but as far as he's concerned, things are going to stay completely platonic. Gabi has no idea about Melanie, so she thinks Chad's fair game.
Banus: Plus Chad keeps saying things to Gabi like, "I don't know why Will didn't want you. Any guy would be lucky to have you!" Can you blame her? And then they do photo shoots together where they have no clothes and they're dripping wet. It's pretty intense.
Deidrick: And Chad really light ups. He may not want to face it but there's definitely chemistry in their photo shoots.

TV Guide Magazine: Have you perfected the male model pout?
Deidrick: The Blue Steel look from Zoolander? I got it down!

TV Guide Magazine: Word is, we can expect a Gabi-Chad-Melanie triangle to explode this spring.
Deidrick: Yeah. A lot of soaps do the triangle thing, but this is being really well written and we're having a blast. I can't wait for everyone to see it.

TV Guide Magazine: When does Gabi find out Melanie's in the picture?
Banus: There's a scene where Melanie suddenly pops in and kisses Chad and Gabi's like, 'Uh, so you guys are going out?"

TV Guide Magazine: Does Gabi go home and eat Haagen-Dazs for a month or does she fight back?
Deidrick: [Laughs] There will be blood! Gabi will get very manipulative. To be honest, I think she'll go a little psycho. I don't want to be mean. Just being honest.
Banus: Hey, going a little psycho never hurt anybody.

TV Guide Magazine: Plus you win Emmys.
Banus: Exactly!

TV Guide Magazine: This should be familiar territory for you, Camila. Weren't you poking holes in condoms when you played that nutcase Lola Montez on One Life to Live?
Deidrick: You did that? Oh, my God!
Banus: I did! I think Gabi's been a nice girl long enough. [Laughs] And I know how to be bad!

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