I love how Fox was calling these back-to-back episodes a "Two-Hour Event." As if that makes up for last week's July 4th pre-emption. Please. Not that there weren't a few event-y moments. Losing pouty Andrew at the end of hour one? HUGE. Elsie kicking butt on the tableside flambé service? So awesome. And the merging of the teams into one unit? Pretty sneaky, sis. But, you know, after a night of Gordon taking jabs at Jimmy's weight and Michael playing the kitchen's tattooed Judas, my nerves were more grated than the parmesan on Elsie's Caesar salad. And what's with Ralph scoring a gig working side-by-side with Ramsay up front? The dude couldn't even identify baby spinach in the blind taste-test and he botched the Blue Team's "make your own menu" challenge. For an "experienced chef," you'd think he'd have the huevos to take the blame for their poached halibut hell, right? Nope. Instead he coasts through another round and then nominates Jessica for the chopping block! Um, didn't he sort of owe her for saving his butt, like 24 hours earlier or something? I tell ya, some people's kids. Let's just hope I'll be telling ya next week that some people's kid totally schooled her so-called buddy for betraying her like that. Because I have a teeny suspicion that our spiky blonde may be headed for her own restaurant.