I love Bright. Seriously. He referred to his and his Little House on the Prairie-clad girlfriend's relationship as "the hardest video game in the world." And he got invited to a "Midsummer's Night Back Anal" and then he totally convoluted Ephram's educational explanation when he reiterated it to Hannah. He authoritatively told her it was in honor of Barachus, the god of chicken and beer. I took a lot of mythology classes in college, and I so don't remember that, but I guess I was more like Amy living off campus and studying at home with my parents than attending big, drunken frat-party bashes. It does look like a good lot of fun. And speaking of good times, did it weird anyone else out that the Abbots refer to their sexual activities as having "cheesecake"? I wonder if Amy or Bright ever figured out this code and purposely found a reason to be far away from home on those occasions that the 'rents had dessert. I'm guessing Bright didn't, because he's pretty slow on the uptake... I mean, he is the one who thinks Reid is gay, and it seemed pretty clear by the library smooch that Amy witnessed that Reid likes girls. I just wonder if Bright's going to be able to comprehend it when he discovers that he was wrong and that his roomie is just very metrosexual, or if that will get lost in translation as well.