Lost by Mario Perez/ABC Lost by Mario Perez/ABC

Do you miss Lost? I know I sure do. ABC recognizes that it's going to be a long six months for Lost fans until it returns in January 2009, so they've launched the Lost Book Club on ABC.com this summer to feed your conspiracy-fueled mind.

Don't groan! I know - I have painful memories of summer reading as well ( My Antonia lulled me to sleep pretty much every night of August 1986), but this book club will be fun! It features a selection of the literary works referenced on Lost, and will include a message board to discuss the titles and the participation of Lost gurus Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

It's unclear what direct insight into the show you'll get from reading Watership Down, Stephen King's Carrie, or The Turn of the Screw, but if nothing else, reading these great books will keep your mind occupied while you wait to find out how Locke ended up in that coffin.

What do you think? Will you spend this summer edumacating yourself, Lost-style? Or is watching the show enough of a brain workout already? - Mickey O'Connor

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