Shannon was killed by Ana-Lucia.... I so knew that chick was just up to no good. I just knew it! Sure it was an accident  Shannon and Sayid heard whispering, Ana and the other tailies heard weird voices and then bam, one bullet, one gun and one dead survivor. Up until that point in the evening, I was really getting a bit jealous of Shan's island life. She's got Sayid, who built her a hut  which he claims he does "for all the girls I meet on deserted islands" (if that's true, sign me up!)  and professed his undying love for her. Sure she's got hallucinations of Walt (who, according to the local radio station that played his ramblings backwards, apparently said, "The Others are coming; they're close"). But considering that Shan had been hopping from place to place for some cash because her step mom  aka Sabrina the middle-aged witch  cut her off from her dad's cash, island life with a little crazy tossed in doesn't look all that bad. But the flashback did definitively tie Jack's future wife and Shannon's dad to the same accident. Not too much consolation in the face of a lost cast member. Yeah, and back to angry Ana, clearly she's mad that the Others took three people and then two weeks later another nine from their landing site, but she'd better have a real good reason for being that ticked off. And did Libby make it sound like maybe there were kids with the tailies who were abducted by the Others, too? Is there some sort of

Peter Pan/Logan's Run/Lord of the Flies society going on? In other island news, Rose is creeped out by the hatch. Smart woman. Locke found out that Charlie has a secret heroin stash. Big trouble. Claire thinks other people know more about child-rearing and taking care of Aaron than she does. Yeah, that's probably true, but she was supposed to raise this kid for a reason. Oh, and Locke, if you get off that island before early January, I could so use that lesson in how to swaddle a baby. I'm going to try to refrain from asking just where you learned your parenting skills, though, because, well, you probably wouldn't tell me anyway. Angel Cohn

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Veronica Mars
I know Clarence Weidman isn't technically bad, but I still wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley. But actually I wouldn't want to run into Keith Mars in a dark alley either, if I had done anything to his daughter. He's so the dad of the year in Neptune... not that the sadly still-not-sheriff has much competition. Parental units are rapidly disappearing or becoming a thing of the past in this town. Veronica's mom skipped town, Logan's mom allegedly killed herself and his dad's in the slammer, Duncan's parents are hiding out away from the whole Lilly scandal, and now Dick and the Beav's dad has taken off to parts unknown. And while the Beav was thrown for a loop by his step mom's philandering with Logan, Dick had a totally different outlook. "Dude, my step mom? Better you than the cable guy." Oh, Gia's got a seemingly good dad but she's set on becoming a wild child. "I thought I'd go more Bush-twin style. Public drunkenness, sluttiness and minor scandals," she tells V when asked about her dad's mayoral position. While Gia (who I keep wanting to call Amelie  I think it's the haircut) is sowing her wild oats, original wild child Logan gets an impromptu family reunion with his dear old dad. Love Harry Hamlin, but Aaron Echolls trying to claim that he didn't kill Lilly or try to off Veronica? So not buying it. Another random father figure of the night was Abel Koontz, who wants to make sure his little girl is happy and taken care of. Sure she's fine if you consider having a boy toy extort her cash in Ibiza "You mean like Tara Reid-passed-out-on-the-beach Ibiza?" asked Veronica  and then bump her off and dump her in a freezer being fine. And Veronica got to do some of her investigations  which she's so good at even sans Wallace  and got to flirt a bit with self-proclaimed big fan Buffy creator Joss Whedon, who played a nerdy car-rental manager. Again, great use of a guest star without becoming Will & Grace. Oh, two more little things: Could anyone else tell what Keith was looking at on the bus? I just couldn't make it out, but something tells me it can't be good. And did anyone try e-mailing Veronica or the "knotty" guy at the motel? Did they write back? AC

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Man, if that first 10 minutes was any less exciting, I'd have to dedicate this review to something like the evils of daylight saving time. I still denounce it, but in a way that says "it's cool if it's for people who don't wake up at 5 am." Seems like nobody's talking about it this year. Anyway, will anybody be talking about Invasion next year? I'm worried. After only one week off, creator Shaun Cassidy didn't really "reel" me back in, even with that tease showing something tentacle-y in a cooler. OK, that actually got me kind of interested. But then they stalled for a long time. Seems like I've fallen for that before. Giant squid, huh? Great, where's the polar bear? Sorry, but ABC had me at Lost. Invasion does seem to be successfully following in the Goliath footsteps of that gem, but I just don't care about the answers as much during this hour and there's no shortage of those for us to wait for. I like the twists, the lies, the creeps and the creepy Haitian killer fisherman who turned out to be normal  but I really don't find myself pulling for anyone, good guys or bad. And seriously, who's good or bad? It's hard to say when they're hanging out together all the time and having regular family problems. Cool thing is, whoever's doing the "invading" is using a tactic we haven't seen, and they're believable. That alien doctor lady even cried, dripping her precious water all over the place. Clever extraterrestrials: They must know they're on a TV show that wants to survive for a few seasons. At least give them props for attacking from sea  that's almost as unforeseeable as the Country Music Awards taking place in New York City (which you can just happen to watch the-preshow live at 5 pm/ET on Tuesday, Nov. 15, on TV Guide Channel). Darren Sirkin