Lost's Henry Ian Cusick by Mario Perez/ABC Lost's Henry Ian Cusick by Mario Perez/ABC

A week ago Lost sent fans' heads spinning not only with Desmond's time-tripping adventure, but also by juxtaposing in the same episode a long-haired, bearded Henry Ian Cusick with a buzzed and shaven version for the "flash-sideways." How'd they do it? Not only Cusick's hairdresser knows for sure. "We have really talented hair and makeup folks," says exec producer Carlton Cuse, explaining that Cusick's lush locks were tucked inside a short-haired wig.

As for the actor's facial follicles, Cusick shot as much of the episode as possible in his full beard, and then shaved almost smooth for the time-stuck scenes. "Then, when we needed to show him back with a beard, we glued onto his stubble beard hair" - Cusick's own clipped castaways, in fact. Says Cuse, "This fake bearding is done until the actor can regrow his own beard." The net result: Well done, brother! - MWM