Reruns again. At least we got a double dose. I cant wait until January when the new episodes start. But it was great to rewatch how the other islanders spent their time. I have to say that per Ask Ausiellos tip from the 

Lost guys, I paid extra-special attention to Ekos stick. I paused on it to see what he was carving, but I couldnt make anything out. Anyone else have any luck? I decided, upon second or third glance, that maybe Ana Lucia does have some redeemable qualities. She seemed kind of caring with the kids, and without a lot of prodding, she really did step up and take control of a frantic situation. Sure, that doesnt make me her biggest fan or anything, but I might be coming around to respecting her a teeny bit, despite her bad judgment. In both of these episodes, she makes fatal mistakes, costing the lives of her followers and Shannon. Honestly, she needs to work on her trust issues a little bit and maybe learn to listen to the people around her, and she might become almost all right. And I'm not just saying that because I want Santa and Hanukkah Harry to think I've been good this year.