Is that pseudo IM really saying that Walt is on the other end of the computer line? Or is this just another bit of island-generated wackiness in a place that already has polar bears, monsters and horses (oh my)? I know the bit of respliced tape thanks, Mr. Eko, for that and the biblical lesson said that they shouldn't attempt to use the computers to communicate with the outside world, but who is to be trusted in this place? And if Sayid actually did see Walt, something very nutty is going on here. Especially since Kate wasn't the only one who saw that beautiful black stallion that saved her life once before when she was first on the run from the law when she was 24, which is 42 backwards and which means I still haven't got a clue. I never pictured her as the scrapbooking type but I am impressed that she put together the pieces and did the math that her "dad" was in Korea until four months before she was born, and without current medical advances, his being her biological father was pretty damned impossible. No wonder she had to kill that sleazy Wayne when she uncovered the truth. Not that killing someone is ever the right solution, but when your already-disgusting dad starts hitting on you? Ick. Did anyone else get a bit teary-eyed watching Jin and Sun cling to each other while Sayid was digging Shannon's grave? No? How about when Sayid gave his emotionally charged eulogy. Yeah, I thought so. But the sweetly dramatic scenes also led to some funny moments which have been missing in the last few heavily intense episodes. Like Hurley saying, "So Rose's husband is white. I didn't see that coming." Or Sawyer waking up in the shelter saying, "Am I on a bunk bed? Are we saved?" His optimism wasn't squashed until Kate finally brought the patient outside into the jungle. Even Jack had some fun telling Ana about not trying to convince him that all women weren't crazy. A fair reaction to Kate's hit-and-run kiss. And I think his comment actually might have made Ana crack a smile. now that's very interesting.

Angel Cohn

How could the castaways have survived their plane crash? Find out.