Lost Since I know next to nothing about religion myself, I'm going to refer all of you to my colleague Nerina's item in next week's magazine for a rather intriguing look at all things Christian in this show and these days it's no longer just a subtext. So I'll skip ahead to all the other questions raised tonight and I won't even complain that not a single one was answered, 'cause I like it that way.

Is Charlie using? Signs point to yes. He's sweaty and irrational and wearing that dead-man makeup (though it's not as bad as his green brother in the flashbacks). But two weeks ago, we saw that he'd hidden six Virgin Mary statues, and there were still six when he went back to look at them tonight. Unless maybe he had more stashed elsewhere. Or is this all still part of the island's hallucinatory properties? Charlie said so himself: Kate sees a horse, everyone sees Walt all over the place (he didn't even mention the polar bears), but Charlie sleepwalks and kidnaps a baby and... oh  that does sound worse than the rest. His vivid, surreal dreams were really well done. Better than his flashback story, which told us very little we didn't already know, except that he was a talented pianist as a kid and that his mom was that English tramp from Homefront. The fact that his brother Liam had to abandon his daughter because he was using heroin doesn't really explain why Charlie wants to save Aaron. The important question here is: Which keeps babies drier, Veronica Mars' Wuvs or DriveSHAFT's Bubbies? Speaking of dryers, Libby's throwaway comment about the washer and dryer seeming newer than everything else in the house struck me as rather suspicious. And I don't buy that she looked so familiar to Hurley just because he stepped on her toe in the plane. His stricken look said it was something more.

Other questions: Since when is Locke so mean and violent? What was Eko planning to do with those marked trees? Did Charlie fail to tell anyone else about the totally freaky coincidence of Eko's brother being in the heroin plane? Where the hell did they get all those blue tarps? Did FEMA stop by? And why did Ana Lucia's question to Jack "You hitting that?" seem so outlandish? Why aren't people hooking up all over the place?