At least someone on the island asked the question that has been plaguing me since I saw the preview for this episode a couple of weeks ago: Who the heck would carry a pregnancy test on an airplane? It's usually the kind of thing that people prefer to do in the privacy of their own homes rather than when they're a mile high or on vacation. And is Widmore Labs a real company, or is that another clue of some sort? Anyway, Sun's preggers and that's cool because Jin, aka "Daddio," seemed so happy about it. But the look on Sun's face after telling Jin made me think maybe she wasn't being entirely truthful about never being with another man. I mean, that whole backstory with her English teacher/former almost-boyfriend had to mean something. That said, if I want to naively believe the best of Sun, it wouldn't be so unbelievable, as mystery island is known for its odd miracles, like Locke's sudden ability to walk, and candy bars that don't melt in the tropics. Oh, and did anyone else catch the code on the cereal box FFTR731? What does that mean? Perhaps it is some sort of expiration date? Creepy Henry Gale did ask if they knew how old the cereal was... right before he alluded to a potential threat facing Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie out in the jungle. Sure he could be just messing with Jack and Locke, but to what end if he isn't an Other? Although those sneaky writers are probably just trying to make me think that he really isn't bad and maybe he's good, but that seems too obvious... I'm just going with the fact that either way, he's kinda messed up and more than a little weird, and I'll just wait to see what his deal really is.

Some other random observations and thoughts? I love the little outsider crew of Sayid, Charlie and Ana Lucia. Only people who everyone else is wary of would band together for a jungle trek. Loved when Charlie came out of the jungle with papayas. I was waiting for him to ask if Sayid knew about second breakfast. And though Jack is supposedly spending a lot more time in the hatch, why did he suddenly look sunburned? How cute was Bernard trying to find an oyster with a pearl to make up for forgetting Rose's birthday? But the best line of the night was Sawyer's assessment of one of my favorite teen books, Are You There God? It's Me Margaret: "Predictable and not nearly enough sex." I'm sure as an adult that would probably be my thought, too, but I wouldn't be surprised if he starts trying to convince Kate to do the "I must, I must, I must increase my bust" exercises.