Patrick Dempsey, Eva Longoria, Josh Holloway Patrick Dempsey, Eva Longoria, Josh Holloway

For many at, Lost is our TV constant. (For those of you who don't watch the show, a constant is the person who serves as your anchor when you find yourself spiraling through time, uncertain of your own sanity.) When it's off the air, we're not sure what our favorite show is: Mad Men? 30 Rock? Or (to throw a bone to some our most dedicated readers) could it be Smallville? Or Supernatural? We don't have to worry about it anymore, because Lost is finally back, and look, we have a new president, too. Check out our Top Moments for more of the things that keep us sane — or push us to the brink.

11. Coolest Show Airing at the Same Time as Lost: Who knows? No, just kidding. Lie to Me introduces itself promisingly as Dr. Cal Lightman, a human lie detector played by Tim Roth, studies a high school student's facial features and body language to figure out whether he killed his teacher. When a prosecutor mocks his technique, Lightman uses the same skill set to determine the guy's had an affair with a colleague.

10. Best 100th Episode: Let's send a metaphorical basket of fancy jams to Desperate Housewives bosses Marc Cherry and Bob Daily for Sunday's outstanding 100th episode. The corny tale of dearly departed handyman Eli Scruggs (guest star Beau Bridges) may have been a narrative cheat, but it framed six satisfying flashbacks that reminded fans of the show's spooky origins. Watch the episode on our Online Video Guide.

9. Best Less-Is-More Moment: Grey's Anatomy gives us a high-stakes Bailey-Shepherd showdown in the O.R., as Shepherd, faced with whether to let a death-row inmate die in order to save a young boy's life, calmly asks, "Am I an executioner, or am I a surgeon?" But we much prefer Bailey's heart-wrenching "I crossed a line" breakdown, complete with a wordless, tear-filled prayer of thanks and for forgiveness. Silence is golden indeed. 

8. Guiltiest Guilty Pleasure:
Look, we don't watch Rock of Love Bus for triumphs of the human spirit or whatever. But after sitting through a possibly popped breast implant and a contestant challenging the veracity of Bret Michaels' hair in the latest episode, we've gotta say, this show is starting to make us more guilty than pleased. The sweetest moment this week was a talk about parental values that took place backstage in a strip club.  

7. Best Reality Hook-Up: During Top Chef's  "Restaurant Wars"  episode, Hosea and Leah finally graduate from inhaling each other's aromas to sampling each other's tongues. The kiss is served up with old-school porn music, excessive slurping sounds and a shot of their reflection in the window. Bow-chica-bow-wow.

6. Best Pre-Lost Moment: We love Lost show-runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. We love their cool-nerd patter and how earnestly they seem to want to share what they know about Ben, the island, the smoke monster, whatever have-you. We love their podcasts, their appearances before the Television Critics Association, their ComicCon Q&As. And we love that they admitted in the pre-premiere Lost recap that what they think about most isn't time travel, or the Dharma Initiative, but rather what their characters care about, and what scares them, and who they're crushing on. Because those are the things we think about too.

5. Proof the Culture Wars Are Over: On Morning Joe, former Nixon aide Pat Buchanan questions Frost/Nixon director Ron Howard about a scene in which the former president drunkenly calls TV interviewer David Frost — and Howard cheerfully acknowledges, as he's done before, that the scene is totally made-up. Remember how people used to get mad at this sort of thing, back when Oliver Stone made JFK and Nixon? Maybe it's just that no one wants to fight Opie Cunningham. Later in the broadcast, Buchanan notes that Frank Langella does a really good Nixon.

4. Hold-Your-Hair Award: Somehow The Bachelor keeps finding new ways to make us feel bad for a guy who lives in a beautiful house filled with women vying for his attention. But pity Jason Mesnick we sometimes do, as when he had to go talk down a contestant whose nervous puke-fest interrupted a rose ceremony. We guess raising a small child makes you more tolerant of things like this. (Watch the latest episode on our Online Video Guide and check out our interview with Mesnick.)

3. Best Witchcraft: Two subplots collide on 30 Rock as Kenneth unveils his Hill Witch costume in an unsuccessful attempt to scare Tracy into eating healthy — just as a recently bleached Jenna, the victim of a jealous hairdresser, races into the room wailing and dressed in black. Confronted with the real witch, Tracy stuffs his mouth with his vegetables.

2. Most Slippery Slope: Remember when you were a kid and you had to read a newspaper or watch the news for news, and click over to Entertainment Tonight or MTV for people singing? Those days are over. President Obama's inauguration ushered us into a weird future where Beyonce, Kanye West, Maroon 5, Shakira, and Sting are treated like an organic part of the transition of power, instead of just the amusing side show. We love Stevie Wonder and Elvis Costello, but isn't it just a little weird that we saw more actors and musicians at Tuesday's balls and celebrations than we saw politicians, civil rights leaders, or — okay, we'll go totally idealistic here — teachers? At least the new president and his wife had the decency (or political savvy) to dance with members of the armed services. Check out our full list of Top Inauguration Day Moments.

1. Best Lost Moment: We know, you're all gonna say it was the shirtless Sawyer, or Sayid's fight in the kitchen, or Faraday and Desmond meeting somewhere in time, but we're going with the quiet conversation when Hurley explains the entire history of the show to his mom, and instead of having him recommitted, she just says, "I believe you. I don't understand you, but I believe you." That's what moms are for, right? Of course, this is before Hurley knows enough to explain to her that the island is now unmoored, flashing through time. No man is an island, and no island a man, but can't the island get a constant? Watch the whole episode on our Online Video Guide.

What were your Top Moments? And what show is your TV constant?