Lost Dear Misters Lindelof and

Cuse, In the future, could you please have some sympathy for a new mother who has to struggle to find the freeze button on my remote with one hand while holding the baby in the other? I mean, at least have some of the patient's info hidden on that spinal X ray. I personally think Gabriella's now-deceased pops could have been the elusive Alvar Hanso, but the X rays revealed nada excepting the hospital name, St. Francis M.C. West, and interestingly enough, the date Nov. 16, 2005. Wouldn't that have been after Flight 815 crash-landed on mystery island? But a name might have been nice, though the amazing confrontation between Jack and Mr. Degroot and the rest of the Others was well worth a little bit of frustration at the lack of new info. "The only reason you're living on [the island] is because we let you live on it." These are some not-so-friendly neighbors. When the Others lit up their torches so that it was visible that they had Jack, Locke and Sawyer surrounded, I actually gasped. No wonder Jack wants to create an army to retrieve Walt and Michael. Oh, and while I'm desperate for any new info, I'd love to know exactly what Walt's IM to Michael said that sent him trekking north into the jungle like a bat out of hell, or if the message was even really from Walt. And what exactly makes Walt so "special"? And did anyone else think it was really funny and/or odd that Ana Lucia's only pal on the island is Walt's dog Vincent? Other random thoughts: I'm trying to figure out who the heck Geronimo Jackson is and if he is a real person. Can't wait to see if Hurley and Libby get together; he's totally crushin' on her: "She's kind of cute in an 'I've been terrorized by the Others for 40 days' kind of way." Loved the ever-growing tension between Sawyer  rather, James Ford and Kate. And only "James" could get away with calling Locke Mr. Clean and live to tell the tale. After 50 days together, most people know that Locke isn't really known for his sense of humor.