Sarah Palin and Lorne Michaels Sarah Palin and Lorne Michaels

A Sarah Palin-Tina Fey Saturday Night Live showdown will happen "all in good time," Lorne Michaels told The Associated Press.

The executive producer's tease comes after Seth Meyers asserted there was "no truth" to the slew of Palin rumors, but would love to have her on.

Michaels, though, shared that he wasn't actively pursuing the Alaska Gov. to appear on the sketch show, which begins its first of three primetime Thursday specials after The Office.

For her part, Palin — whose camp contacted SNL after Fey's first appearance on Sept. 13 — sounds eager to get with the program and with Fey.

"I love her, she's a hoot and she's so talented," Palin said. "It would be fun to meet her, imitate her and keep on giving her new material."

At least through Election Day. Fey has made it well known she has no intentions of playing the vice presidential hopeful past Nov. 4, which was part of their agreement, Michaels revealed.

"I think we'll find somebody else to play Sarah Palin [if she becomes vice president]," he said. "I don't think she's going to be playing Sarah Palin for the rest of her life."