The Loop
This show made me think. Really. It made me think that if I hadn't moved in with my buddies Dave and Jeremy right after college, I too might have ended up sharing a sweet, spacious apartment with two buxom lasses who parade around in little tank tops and are prone to fits of giggles. And that perhaps I overvalue Dave's and Jeremy's friendship.

But enough about my problems we're here to talk about The Loop, Fox's latest foray into the magical land of Quirk. Come, come, friends! Into the Quirk! I'm happy to say that last night's premiere exceeded my expectations though, to be honest, they weren't sky-high (did you see The War at Home? Yeah.). But The Loop has plenty going for it: It's genuinely funny (a scarce commodity these days), employs a top-notch cast and kinda sorta helps fill the hole in my soul that was once inhabited by Arrested Development. Okay, specifics: Bret Harrison can handle him some comedy. Seriously, this guy's going places. Sure, I have a little trouble figuring out why the airline hired Sam right out of school, but that's the stuff of future episodes; Mimi Rogers is the perfect va-va-vamp, and I'm wondering where she's been all these years and why I'm not slightly older; and if the casting of Philip Baker Hall as Sam's boss doesnt break the record for the most times an actor's played a harda--, well, its gotta put him close. Bottom line? The show's not great, but it's very good, and I'm all for giving it time to find its wings.