The Loop I came this close to totally forgetting about last night's episode  hey, don't judge, it aired on a weird night. And, I'll have you know, I sacrificed the second half of

West Wing, my usual Sunday fare, to cover this bad boy, which turned out to be a rerun. It's times like these I curse the gods of Tivo for not blessing me with their product yet. But hey, no bad blood here  the ep was an oldie but most definitely a goodie. What's that? You missed it both times? Well, thank your lucky stars you have me. Here's the deal: Russ ordered Sam to design a youth-oriented airline, which would've been a lot easier to do had Jenna  the drunken floozy houseguest  not taken residence on Sam's lap. If only I had Sam's problems. Long story short, Sam ended up impressing the boss, scoring with the chick and wearing a Sharpie bra, and two out of three definitely ain't bad.