Supernatural and Smallville bags courtesy Warner Bros. Supernatural and Smallville bags courtesy Warner Bros.

I know, I know - I raised my eyebrow, too. But I have since been educated by a lovely lady that at last summer's Comic-Con, Warner Bros.' oversized Smallville tote (featuring the animated Superman: Doomsday movie on the reverse) was quite the unexpected sensation, and as such was snatched up at a super-fast rate - with several especially passionate fans fashioning the freebie into convention-appropriate clothing.

Thus, I bring you a first look at the two-sided, 26 inch-by-29 inch Smallville/ Supernatural carry-all coming to Comic-Con next week, but one of several limited-edition goodies being unveiled by WB. Check out the "Daily Planet" headlines about Lionel's "suicide" and the FoS explosion. Poor Chloe's arrest apparently got relegated to page 2. Gal can't catch a break! - Matt Mitovich