Look out! Here comes the Daedalus! Granted, the idea of James Joyce's spiritually obsessed alter ego coming to aid the embattled garrison of Atlantis is a really weird idea. I suppose that's why the Atlantis writers didn't think of it. This Daedalus is actually an überpowerful Stargate command warship. Its mission: eradicate the besieging hive ships of the cadaverous Wraith and save the Atlantis folks. Former X-Files puffer Mitch Pileggi began a recurring role as the ship's commander, Colonel Caldwell, a cool customer who is a big step up from the cardboard creep Pileggi played on The Mountain. It was obvious Sheppard's suicidal attack wasn't going to end in tragedy since the Stargate franchise had already said goodbye to its biggest star earlier that evening. A leading man like Joe Flanigan, who remains unruffled even with apparent bed-head, is too cool too lose. David Hewlett's McKay had a fright when he accidentally discharged the cartridge of his pistol while pointing it at a Wraith, but luckily Teyla saved his grouchy bum. Although McKay is a great combination of Dr. McCoy's crabbiness and Spock's logical arrogance, my favorite character is Torri Higginson's Dr. Weir, a doll who skillfully mixes compassion and common sense. The wild card is Rainbow Sun Franks' Lieutenant Ford, who is now a raging whacko thanks to that the wacky Wraith enzyme. People don't lie face-down in the water for 20 minutes and survive without blowing a few bubbles. But as his sanity goes down the drain, look for a new ally to make a big splash.