Art apparently imitates life for Disney starlet Lindsay Lohan. In Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen — opening today — she copes with a spoiled high-school rival. Off screen, the 17-year-old actress has clashed with another teen diva, Hilary Duff. The young women reportedly have been feuding over pop singer Aaron Carter, whom they've both dated. For Lohan's part, the Hilary tiff is so yesterday.

"I have no problem with her," Lohan tells TV Guide Online. "I don't think she should [have a problem with me]. She doesn't need to. Her career is going great and her CD is doing well. I wish her the best of luck."

Their spat hit the media last year, when Duff and her mother allegedly tried to have Lohan kicked out of the New York premiere of Duff's movie, Cheaper by the Dozen. Rumor has it the actress was asked to leave, but ended up staying.

Lohan finds the whole situation laughable. "I don't think it helps [an image] to try and get people kicked out of premieres and things like that," she says. "If my mom got involved in something [like that], I'd be very embarrassed. My mom would never do that."

Since the Duff debacle, Lohan has become a little more savvy about dealing with media frenzies. "When you are in Hollywood and in the industry, you have reporters writing about you. Everyone will believe what they read," the Freaky Friday star says. "So I just kind of have to brush it off. I know what happened. I have people surrounding me [who] know the truth, and that is all that matters.

"If I keep thinking about it, I'm never going to be happy in this business," she continues. "And I should be happy. I have no reason to complain right now."